a0a0              Amazon Verified Purchase()              This review is from:       I am not a Dad, nor a guy, even, and I found this book faantcsiing.  To be clear, I'm not a mom yet, either, but my husband and I are in a place where we are considering starting a family.  We don't know a thing about pregnancy or being parents, which is why I gravitated to this book.   As a woman, I felt a bit like a voyeur reading a book addressed to guys, but it was also totally validating.  I found myself agreeing with the authors' insights on how women feel during our hormonal ups and downs, and I felt like underlining parts of it to show my husband in case I ever need proof that I'm not well .crazy if I ever feel or act a certain way when/if I get pregnant.  I also appreciate the fact there were perspectives from both a nurse and a real-life dad.  The clinical information was well balanced with the experience of a father who has been in the reader's shoes. The authors' approach this life-changing subject with a friendly candor that doesn't ever appear demeaning or condescending to readers who are totally clueless (like me.)  I felt as though a friend was offering some valuable advice, and I was more than happy to take it.

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